What We Do

Turning Plastic Scrap Into Revenue

Majic Plastics promotes eco-friendly options to your plastic waste. We can turn what you thought to be waste at the end of your application to a profitable source of revenue.


Supplier of High Quality Materials for Your Product Needs

We, at MaJiC Plastics, have a vast knowledge of the post-industrial plastics market. We can handle all grades of plastics, in all forms. Whether it’s to buy plastic or recycle your company’s plastic waste, please contact us to discuss your companies plastics needs.

Solutions Overview

Whether your material is in parts, baled, regrind, or pellet form, we are your one stop shop for your plastic recycling needs.

Teaming up with Majic Plastics is a responsible and cost effective way to dispose of your company’s plastic waste. Eco-conscious trends in the industrial market are at their highest level. By using recycled plastic scrap or recycling your company’s plastic waste, you will gain the reputation of being an eco-friendly company.

Supplying solutions to maximize customer warehouse floor space with custom plans fit for your business needs.

We can supply daily/weekly pickup or spot trailers at your location in order to reduce valuable warehouse space consumed by your plastic scrap. Contact us to implement a plan to dispose of your waste and generate extra revenue.



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